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Corporate Events


Invest = Success

Successful organizations and businesses invest in their people.  They recognize that continuous enrichment of the employee will yield positive results!  

We look to understand the current business need to create customized consultative packages that are engaging, enriching and fun that can be delivered during a yearly launch, quarterly retreat, or training session. 


Let's talk about your current business need so we can create a plan to implement today!  

Clients and Topics

We have had the opportunity to service some amazing clients!  Here are a select few:

·      Duke University's Association of Women

·      Durham Family Medicine (now Avance Care)

·      Novo Nordisk

·      UNC Chapel Hill

Topics covered have ranged from Team Synergy, Personality Assessments and Maximizing Team Strengths, Mental Health and Wellness and Bridging the Generational Gap in the Workplace 

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